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Thank you for your interest in us. We are sincerely flattered.

In its 16+ years of existence, Cannes Concierge has become one of Cannes’ leading furnished apartment renters. We are official partners with show organizers Reed Midem and Cannes Lions. We are signatures of the City of Cannes Charter of Quality Only Cannes and a member of the Cannes Rentals Certification. We participate in the local charities J’Avais Faim and Repair Café. We are sponsors of the local baseball team, the COV Cyclones. Cannes Concierge a part of fabric of the Cannes community and this trusted place we have earned benefits us and our clients every day.

Our success is based on honesty, respect, hard work, good humor and sincere caring. Our clients count on us and we make certain that we are worthy of their trust. At Cannes Concierge we never let our clients down. We treat everyone with the same friendly respect other agencies reserve only for clients. Our apartment owners, our suppliers, our cleaners, our drivers, our plumbers, our electricians, our locksmiths, even our exterminators know that their confidence in us is well placed. They know that at Cannes Concierge we respect our engagements.

These ‘Old Fashioned Values’ on which Cannes Concierge built its success are not keywords cut and pasted onto a business model. These are the values of the people employed here. This alinement allows us to remain enthusiastic and sincere while actually enjoying what we do. We at Cannes Concierge are fortunate enough to be able to create our own work environment. Everyone here is dependable, capable, caring, solid under pressure, good humored and has a certain charm. This creates a high-trust, low-stress ambience that is a pleasure for us and everyone we deal with. If you are an existing client, we are sure that you can attest to this. If you are a new client, we look forward to showing you. During a show, Cannes is stressful enough! You don’t need your rental agent making things worse. You need a reliable and steady partner who knows how to get things done.

Thank you again for your interest in Cannes Concierge. If anyone besides Bruno or my Mom reads this far, I will buy you a beer the next time you are in Cannes. Write me, max@cannesconcierge.com

Max and the Cannes Concierge Team

The Cannes Concierge Team

The core members of the Cannes Concierge team are: 

Max Rothman -
Dorothée Mosiek -

We thank you sincerely for your confidence,

The Team of Cannes Concierge